The data portal for
racism and right-wing extremism research

Welcome to the website of the data portal for research on racism and right-wing extremism (DP-R|EX). Our project supports research on the causes and consequences of racism and right-wing extremism (R|EX research) by facilitating access to high-quality research data.

However, researchers are confronted with the situation that research data are often archived in different places or sometimes not even made available for scientific re-use. As a result, they cannot be used for research purposes. Similarly, when data is explored archive-specific, researchers often face the problem that the data found and its documentation are not prepared in a topic-specific manner, regardless of their respective archival location, so that the potentials for re-use and analysis cannot be easily identified. The data simply cannot be found by researchers. Last but not least, the sensitivity of research data, the emergence of new (digital) data types or even linked data pose major challenges for research data management in the research area – also as a prerequisite for making research data available for re-use by other researchers in compliance with data protection regulations.

DP-R|EX will contribute to improving this situation by establishing a domain-specific data infrastructure specifically for R|EX research. The main objectives of the project are to increase the visibility of existing research data, to improve data availability and accessibility, and to encourage data sharing. In this way, research potential can be better identified and redundant data collection avoided, thereby strengthening research as a whole and supporting the development of empirically validated interventions.

With the second launch of our website, we are pleased to be able to offer additional services to researchers and interested users. These include in particular the domain-specific data search, which allows users to search for relevant data from cooperating, data-holding research data centers. This specially curated service is constantly being expanded to include more study descriptions and will grow over time. We also provide information on our main digital data projects – the topical collection on hate speech online and the AVERA data trustee. Both projects aim to address the challenges posed by the lack of standards and the limited sharing of digital data in research.

The DP-R|EX team will continue to provide information about new services on its blog and make them available to users free of charge. We therefore recommend to visit the data portal regularly and also follow our social media channels to stay informed about new services and research data releases!