Data sharing with DP-R|EX

Research data management in R|EX research

What is data management?

Data management refers to all activities related to research data throughout its life cycle. These activities include data collection, processing (especially analysis), and archiving in a data repository.

Why data management?

The purpose of data management planning is to carry out these activities purposefully, systematically, and efficiently. Early and comprehensive planning helps to prevent restrictions on the subsequent use of data.

Data management planning ensures

  • efficient, legally compliant, and quality-oriented use of data in research projects;
  • replicability, transparency, and traceability of research results based on this data, as well as good scientific practice;
  • he sustainability of research data and the preservation of cultural heritage.

How we can support you in data management

Do you have questions about research data management or your data management plan? Are you starting a research project and need help calculating resources? Would you like to know if archiving your research data with DP-R|EX is possible?

You can contact us to arrange a consultation meeting for advice:

If you have any questions, you can also contact our partner institutes DeZIM (specialising in data on discrimination and racism) and Qualiservice (specialising in qualitative social science research data) directly.

We are continuously expanding and improving our research data management services for the R|EX research. We suggest visiting our data portal regularly and following our social media channels to stay up-to-date on new offers. You can find more information on research data management and data search at the  provided links:

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