Community data trustee AVERA


AVERA is the central database of right-wing extremist actors in online political communication and their social media accounts in Germany. Based on the model of a community data trust, the database is created and maintained by the research community in a collaborative effort. Such a central directory avoids redundant efforts in compiling lists of actors and accounts and at the same time increases transparency of scientific research. AVERA regulates centralised access to the database in accordance with ethical and legal standards and performs basic data quality checks.

How do I get access to AVERA?

Research projects can apply for data access if they are interested in working with AVERA. In order to work with AVERA, it is essential that you agree to share your own lists of actors and accounts with AVERA. The lists of the participating research projects are merged in the central database and conflicting entries and duplicates are resolved. The database can be downloaded by the research projects for use in their social media data collection efforts.

Why is it worth contributing to AVERA?

In addition to having access to the most comprehensive directory of right-wing extremist actors and their social media accounts in Germany, your contribution to the database will be acknowledged in a citable authors list. By contributing to AVERA, you also support the transparency and replicability of research on online political communication.

What is the legal basis for data processing at AVERA?

The data processed in AVERA is classified as special categories of personal data in accordance with Art. 9 GDPR. Such data is particularly worthy of protection and special requirements apply to its processing. In accordance with Sec. 27 (1) BDSG, the processing of special categories of personal data for scientific research purposes is permitted without consent if the processing is necessary for these purposes and the interests of the controller in the processing significantly outweigh the interests of the data subject in the exclusion of the processing. In the case of AVERA, the interests of the data controller clearly outweigh the interests of the data subject, as it is in the public interest to gain knowledge with regard to contemporary research on right-wing extremist actors, not least for the protection of the free democratic order. The commitment of all AVERA users to the Code of Good Scientific Practice and a Code of Conduct also ensures compliance with the core characteristics of scientific research.